MTV EMA Europe Video Music Award Trophy Resin Replica Statue Figure Prize DHL

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MTV EMA Europe Video Music Award Trophy Resin Replica moon man Statue Figure Prize DHL
Product Size: 26.6 cm / 10.5 In'
    An MTV Europe Music Award (commonly abbreviated as MTV EMA) is an award to honour artists and music in pop culture. It was originally conceived as an alternative to the MTV Video Music Awards, which are hosted annually in the United States. The Europe Music Awards are held every year in a different country; it has been hosted mostly in the United Kingdom. The annual presentation ceremony features performances by prominent artists, and the presentation of those awards that have a more popular interest. The awards are a reflection of the international and continental music scene. They are representative of geographical origin and of achievement in diverse musical genres and disciplines, indicative of the diversity and scope of the accolade. Awards are amended, repealed and conceived to reflect the change of the music scene and its integral participation in social, cultural and economic circles. Since the 2007 ceremony, viewers are able to vote for their favourite artists in all general categories by visiting MTV's website.
    Material: Resin

    26.6 cm / 10.5 In'

    Package Includes:

    x1pc MTV EMA Europe Music Award Trophy Resin Replica.

    Exactly like the images & item description.

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