Bundesliga Meisterschale (Champions Bowl) Football 1:1 Replica Trophy

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Bundesliga Meisterschale Salatschüssel (Champions Bowl) Football 1:1 DFB Replica Trophy - Buy Now



Height: 44cm/17.32in

Package Includes:
x1 Bundesliga Meisterschale (Champions Bowl) Football Replica Trophy

The Meisterschale ("champions' bowl"), colloquially referred to as the Salatschüssel (salad bowl, despite it more closely resembling a giant plate), is a German association football trophy which has been awarded to the German champions since 1949 and the Bundesliga champions since 1963–64.

It replaced the Viktoria, which was the original trophy since 1903 but which disappeared during the final stages of the Second World War only to resurface after the German reunification.

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