X-Transbots MX-II CURSE WRATH BANE Swarm Team Sweep Transformers Set of 3 Figures

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X-Transbots MX-II CURSE WRATH BANE Swarm Team Sweep Set of 3 Figures

Swarm Team includes MX-2C Curse, MX-2W Wrath and MX-2B Bane.

Each figure stands 23cm/9in tall in robot mode, and features 4 LED components, the eyes can be glowing when LED switch on.

From X-Transbots comes the Swarm - Curse, Wrath, and Bane . An MP Scaled version of Scourge's Sweeps with some additional accessories. Curse comes with the Traitor's Ghost (Starscream's Ghost). Wrath comes with the eye of the city (Unicron's eye), and Bane comes with the cog of the city (Metroplex's transformation cog).

This three member team- Bane, Curse, and Wrath pay homage to the G1 Sweeps team.

Height is roughly 9 inches tall in robot mode.

Stands in scale with Masterpiece series.

Very articulated and capable of assuming many iconic poses.

Die-Cast parts.

Curse comes with add-on accesories (Traitor's ghost kit) to simulate being possessed by Starscream's ghost.

Bane and Wrath come with the Cog of the City and Eye of the City.


Set includes:

MX-IIC Curse the Tactician with Traitor's Ghost

MX-IIW Wrath the Combat Specialist with Eye of the City.

MX-IIB Bane the Weapons Office with the Cog of the City.

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